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A glass of wine

She took the empty glass from his hand and put it  down on a nearby table. "Oh no... come, come along with me. You can borrow a shirt from my husband."
Courtesy Tess Kincaid

Ron allowed himself to be led by the hostess to the bungalow. The party ebbed and flowed around him, by the poolside. Fairy lights glimmered in the trees and shrubs. Waiters floated noiselessly in the background, carrying trays of canapes, and a selection of drinks.

He had quickly picked up a wineglass from the nearest tray. A ruby red wine. It could easily have been mistaken for blood. Arterial. The blood that had flecked his shirt, spurting, as his... No. No. He didn't want to go there. Not down that path. Not just then..

For the moment, he was thankful of three things - a conscientious hostess, the darkness of the night, and the glass of ruby red wine. 

- Flash fiction, inspired by a Magpie Tales prompt.


  1. ooh - I want to know about the blood, the wine, the shirt and the conscientious hostess - well done

  2. Ron does like to party.

    Thanks IW!

  3. Isabel, I too want to know! :)
    Ollie, thanx.

  4. There better be a sequel to this great Magpie ..........

  5. Anonymous12:55 AM

    no no no! you can't leave it there! More please.

  6. Helen, Rinkly, Mangetout, Thanks.. The whole idea of flash fiction is to give tantalising glimpses of a story, end one part of it, and leave the other open to the reader's wild imagination :)

  7. Well done. As you say, a full explanation would spoil it. We know just enough.

  8. Is it time to call the police? ! LOL

  9. Hahha! Just that - you don't have the address! :-)