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Farex to Cellesse

A few terms you may need to know before reading the poem:
Farex - A well known brand of baby food in India (atleast it used to be at one time)
Cellesse - A flab reducing appliance of a consumer lifestyle co.

Farex to Cellesse

When you were born
the nurse held you
upside down, to the light
- and slapped you tight.

Your mom with horror beheld
a red & blue ape with shriveled
skin, a face twisted in anguish & pain
& decided to do something
about your weight gain.

The chubby little kiddo was
a delight to the eyes,
with a fondness for candy,
chocolates and liquorice.

The passing years
replaced puppy fat
with a well established derriere
making you a ‘pear’
among peers.

Fight that cellulite
that’s making you
fat and flabby.
From Farex to Cellesse
you’ve come a long way, baby!


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