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A dusty rant

(Inspired by Walter De La Mare) 
Slowly silently now the dust
walks the earth in a cloud of fust
This way and that way it peers and seeps
through window slits and keyhole peeps
One by one the sunbeams catch
the dust motes floating in that patch
Frightened of attack by a dust wall
with brooms of heather he sweeps the hall

Dust on the coat
dust on the wall
dust on the shoes
dust on the shawl
dust in the computer
dust in the carpet
dust in the cupboard
dust in the TV set

Dust motes dancing in the square
dust mites floating in the air
Dust, the last frontier
dust, swaggering buccaneer

I shall fight this scourge, this invasion
Till the day I finally fall
and turn into- what else? dust! 


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