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Cauliflower girl

So I have this friend who loves to eat all things cauliflower. Ergo one was inspired to write this lyric on the lines of Uptown Girl that had been hovering in the mind since morning.

Instructions for use: To be sung to the rhythm and tune of Uptown Girl. 

Cauliflower girl
She's been living in a cauliflower world
I bet she's never had a cap-sicum guy
I guess she's never tried an onion fry
We are rooting for a cauliflower girl..
She's our cauliflower girrll..

And when she's frying and cooking she's fine
And when she's shopping she'll know that she's sub-lime

You think we're not so tough
Just because
we're in thrall of this cauliflower girl!


  1. What a fun poem! Very catchy- and now I want some cauliflower. ;)

    1. Glad you liked it Jess, and enjoy the cauliflowers :)