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Where the devil is a particular shade of blue

How do I explain my life to you?
Words, where are the appropriate words?
Spaces and colors and shapes appear
in response to your questions.

My life is a toy maze
in pink plastic
with concentric circles,
and a tiny metal sphere at its center
rattling about in all directions,
trying to find a way out.

My life is a patchwork quilt
with stitches unraveling.

The fear that crowds inside me
is swirls of blue green sky at the bottom of the lake.

How do I explain my life to you?
The soft pastel words have vanished;
Primaries rule the tip of my tongue.

I smile vaguely instead, and sip more coffee.

(Published in A Hudson View in 2011)

Note: Often I have struggled to express in words the images contained in the mind. And there are times when words seem so inadequate. The title itself is so because for me the devil is associated with a shade of blue. I have heard of synesthesia but not sure if this poem reflects it.


  1. I can feel the lines of sight and sense inter-mingling at certain points. But all in all, your poem is rich in imagery filling up the reader's mind with all the hues that you have penned down. Beautiful poem.

  2. Those are some great images of 'concentric circles', 'patchwork', 'stitches', then 'swirls'- I suppose thats how paintings are made- as well as depth to the images- As for synesthesia? My own child colors the sky green and the grass blue- imagination is a free thing-the devils comes in many shades I suppose? Great Poem!

  3. Fantastic imagery - beautifully expressed

  4. Thanks E'soul, S'wolf..

    Ashwini, you said it- imagination is free.. why don't many of us realize that?

    I adore creating images from words. One reason why there are usually no images along with my poems, unless they were written for an image prompt.