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The Sari Shop

She enters the cool dark portals.
Soft lights and glass.
Quiet Santoor.
“This way, Madam”

Sink into soft comfortable cushions.
“We have a vast range.
Silk, cotton or chiffon?”
A riot of colours flung open.
Only for her to admire.
Crimson parrots juxtaposed
against rich green silk forest.
Mauve yellow translucence
recalls sunlit airy noons...

“Which one looks better?”
“All colours suit you Madam.
Why don’t you try these
on yourself?”

Initial reserve melts
as she poses. Then twirls.
Looks at her image.
And smiles.
The dumpy silhouette
is engulfed
in embroidered black crepes
and gold zari borders.
And for a while,
the tall mirror reflects
almost a princess.

Published in A Hudson View in 2007.


  1. I have a book to read with the title, The Sari Shop. Love the colors and the idea of being enfolded by luscious, bright silk.

  2. Thanks, Strummed Words!
    The book has nothing to do with my poem.

  3. Anonymous5:45 AM

    great penning- keep it up! my potluck..

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Wonderful write. Very vivid. I could see the scene clearly. Nicely done!

  5. elegant.
    what sweet tribe.
    your vocabulary is superb.

  6. what a stunning poem so well done and written happy potluck

  7. Thank you, Fiveloaf, Charles, Morning, Ann.

  8. Anonymous4:23 AM

    I love the colours in this.