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Flaunting finery red and gold
with tinkling silver anklet steps
She emerges, braving winter cold
and stands tall in the desert sand.

Who in this land of chinkara
can hold a candle to her looks?
Grouse and quail
partridge and hare
are held in thrall
and watch in muted wonder
as an indulgent sun acquiesces
for her, mellows his summer blaze.

With azure visage blushing rose
the courteous pristine crystal sky
woos her till the fall of night.
Then the stars come out to play
and entertain the winter bride.

 ~ ~


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hi Alaka

    First of all, I loved this poem. It's about that sense of majesty that some animals seem to have quite naturally.
    The dancing girl metaphors were perfect.

    Secondly, my heart skipped a beat. At first glance, I would've sworn that those were scenes from the the South African bushveld. Were DID you take them?

  2. very nice...i could see it :)

  3. Anonymous, wish I knew who you are.. because you have been fortunate enough to see the African wilderness. This is Bishnoi country near Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

    Manjiri, glad to know that :)

  4. Annoy me mus: That's the majestic dessert tree being sung about. No 'animals'.

    "Who in this land of chinkara
    can hold a candle to her looks?" and "winter bride" were beautiful Alaka... Nice poem.

    What plant is this? Desert Rose? Mexican Bop?

  5. I reflect on a serene pond
    Lost in calm...
    Then you drop a gentle pebble
    To raise a beauteous storm.--Read just two of your poems including Rohida and thought there is a beautiful sense of timing in coming to the crux. Keep writing and sharing.

  6. A lovely tree poem Alaka, thank you for giving me the link.

    As for my tree - I saw it in the Dandenongs, east of Melbourne, in the late winter (August). My parents live in Melbourne but I am in exile in the Middle East - not much in the way of trees here, and none as beautiful as yours.

  7. Dear Indiwriter, I've posted a new Sunday Tree and a linky-widget - perhaps you would like to link this poem (or a new one?) to it?

    Best wishes, Isabel

  8. This is delightful - beautiful imagery.

  9. Beautiful imagery, I agree.

  10. Thanks, Jabblog, Willow..

  11. A poem that gives a vibrant picture of something I never knew up. Always a wonder to learn of things in other parts of the world when so beautifully described.


  12. Anonymous12:08 PM

    The photos are wonderful, and you've done an awesome job describing them and bringing them to life.

  13. nice blend of colors :)
    happy gooseberry day!!

  14. elegant mixture of colors and emotions

    Thanks for linking.
    you rock.

  15. Beautiful words!

    Anna :o]

  16. Thank you for your lovely comments: Charles, Mehlynn, Morning, Hyperc!

    Took me some time to get round to this..