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Why am I a writer?

What would I do if not write?
What would I do with all the insights,
result of my analyses – such delights?

What would I do if not write?
What else could give me such respite
from loneliness wrapped around me tight?

A life of peace is not my cup of tea
My mind is akin to a roiling sea.
I prosper in thoughts, if not money
I do get the bees, if not the honey.

How could I survive if I do not write?
That’s how my left brain talks to my right!


  1. I intend of internalizing this. Thank you.


  2. Yes. You do have the RIGHT to WRITE..
    Keep writing..

  3. I read ur poetry,. I am not a poet and also don't have the maturity to understand the depth of poetry. But, surely I can say your poetry is good and so ur posts.

  4. I wouldn't know what to do. Thanks for bringing this to light for me.

  5. That would be a nice way to looking at writing ~

  6. I've asked myself this question many times..for one i would probably be going off my head..and know what to do with myself...

  7. Your poem gave me something to think about. And being a writer (oh, we all are), I relate to it so well. And I loved the rhymes, as well. Good job!

  8. love this, you speak to me,

    we write to let go.