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Fuzzy Logic

To be OR not to be –
A good question really.

As with all good questions
the time taken to answer
increases at an increasing rate
in direct proportion
to the goodness of the question.

Such a fundamental issue
of being / non - being
will take an eternity
by which time any given Being
shall have turned into a Non- Being.
thus making irrelevant
the above option,
having gone through
the state of being,
it is now compelled
to ‘not be’ –

making the answer as
to be AND not to be.


  1. Good thought.

    I am not a great poetry critic. I am your fan though, I must say this one misses your usual spark. But as an idea, it's really appealing.

  2. Intellectually speaking, poetry is an art. Artistically speaking, you've captured a higher intellect at work beneath these prose.

  3. written very beautifully, I admire it. wishing you all the very best for your upcoming creations.

  4. thanx Kandarp, Nick and Renu.. I had logic gates hovering in the mind for a long time.. and this was the result.

  5. So Alaka, sounds like your idea could be rephrased something like this:

    To be and not to be
    that is (or will be) the answer

    However, human beings sometimes believe they can alter the point of change (between being & nonbeing); Hamet's soliloquey could be recast:
    Now, or Later, that's the question.

    Other questions can follow the same model. E.g.,
    Samosa or pakora, that is the question.
    Chocolate or vanilla, that is the question.


  6. yes, David, but to be or not to b is the most funda lof the lot.. aint it? btw, there is a poem by Jacques Prevert I think about l'Eleve Hamlet' - will email it to you.. very humorous one..

  7. Good thought, but I feel, you have not reached to any conclusion, just have left the poem in Majdhar " TO B OR NOT TO B", keep it up

  8. thx for a different viewpoint, Bhuvan