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(A spoof on adverts)

Participate in our Conversation Contests and win big prizes!

We offer you a vast collection of juicy conversations that were abandoned at a critical juncture. Maybe because one of the participants really did not have time, could not think of a suitable rejoinder, or simply wished to escape an uncomfortable topic. In rare cases the participants were abruptly cut off (with a strong third-party grip around their throat) before they could finish explaining.

Now you have the power. To choose. And finish off these conversations- with a smart repartee, words of advice, farewell speech, or in your own unique style.

For practice we offer you a variety of surfaces against which your conversation will bounce off. Textured absorbent walls are usually preferred. You also have the option of glass surfaces where your speech will bounce back at you with realistic distortion.

We can find sparring partners for you if so required, in your own or any other language. For example you can converse in Jarawa dialect with someone who only understands renaissance Greek.

You also have the choice of exclusive practice space where you (and your partner if any) will be the only persons to hear what you say, or a common room with many practicing participants, where none including yourself can hear what you are saying.#

So what are you waiting for? Empower yourself now! Let the waves of a satisfactorily completed conversation flow over you! What's more, you might even win a prize!*

*conditions apply.
#facilities mentioned above come at a fee.

For more details contact our nearest branch.


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Very droll!
    Renaissance Greek please - I'm fluent!
    I enjoyed my visit here. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

  2. Aha.. will definitely add that Jessica! I guess reciprocation is the basis to begin all they virtual or real.

  3. The Versatile Blogger Award 4 You!

    Thanks for the support,
    Happy Wednesday!


  4. what a divine message,

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anonymous7:09 PM

    ...and some people will find this rather therapeutic

  6. hahaha! what a great opportunity to speak finally :))

  7. Cello Strings, Zongrik, Jo, Thanks! Glad you liked the piece..

  8. Pushpa, nice to see you here! 'finally' is right for some people no?;)